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"Good planning helps to make dreams come true." - Geoffrey Fisher

  • Do you only plan events in the Washington, DC area?"
    No, we plan events in many other cities and destination locations!
  • I recently got engaged and I’m ready to begin the search for a wedding planner. However, I know there may be some things I should give thought to before I hire a planner. Can you offer any advice?"
    First, Congratulations on your engagement! This is an exciting time in your life and planning your wedding should be as fun and stress free as possible. There are a few things you may want to begin thinking about before you start the wedding planning process. This can include – choosing a wedding date, working on your guest list and finalizing your total wedding budget. When you do choose a planner, this will allow s/he to better assist you with finding venues and vendors that fit your criteria.
  • My wedding venue has an onsite coordinator. Do I still need a wedding planner?
    Keep in mind that the event coordinator at your venue works for the venue and their primary function is to coordinate their staff and needs of the venue. While they can be a valuable resource managing some of the wedding day, they usually depart once the party starts and the meal ends. They also don’t usually provide assistance with planning the overall vision of your wedding. On the contrary, a wedding planner works for YOU. The responsibilities of a wedding planner include all of the above, and much more! The value of hiring a wedding planner is to keep you on track and to assist with all the planning responsibilities, such as contract negotiation, vendor management, design, and managing all of the minor details.
  • I looked at your packages and I don’t see a package that quite suits my needs. Can you create a package specifically for me?
    Yes, we can customize one of our packages to better fit your needs. This is something we can discuss in further detail during our initial consultation.
  • On the day of my event, how many Elle Nicole team members will be there to assist? "
    Your planner will determine the number of staff needed based on several factors, such as the location of your event, ceremony and/or reception logistics, the size of your guest list and how much time it will take to set up and strike your event. These are logistics we’ll be sure to cover when we go over your contract and as we get closer to your event.
  • Why should I hire Elle Nicole Events to plan my event?
    Our team of certified professionals are trained to manage your event from conception to execution. It is our primary goal to determine our clients’ needs and achieve the event of their dreams. We listen well, advocate for you at all times, and execute the details of your event flawlessly. We’ve also been known to have a little fun while working with our clients!
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